Dvd Hunter 0.3.2

New Version: 
– corrected a User Interface bug: Now clicking on cover image will zoom it

– Added the function “Create list from Selection” to easily create list with the movies that you want

– the date format is now user customizable

– corrected a graphic glitch: the Button “New Dvd” at bottom of main window correctly move while resizing the window

– Activated the navigation with arrow keys in the list

– minor bug correction in the function to create and remove dvd

Download it here


~ by Joel Ares on 5 February 08.

3 Responses to “Dvd Hunter 0.3.2”

  1. I downloaded DVD Hunter a couple of days ago, installed the update today, but for some reason the Autocomplete button doesnt work for me?! Can it only autocomplete from a database or does it autocomplete from Amazon, etc.? Great software tho, really like it!!! One idea tho, it would be great if DVD Hunter just let u enter the isbn and then autcompleted, so you dont have to take so much time (My DVD Collection has about 300-400 DVDs in it). Would be really awesome, but I also like the software right now. Thanks alot.

  2. There needs to be a way to delete DVD’s that you no longer have.

  3. There are ways to delete dvds that you no longer have:
    – selected the dvd to remove press the backspace or cancel button
    – right click on a dvd, there is the action “Remove Dvd”
    – you can by customizing toolbar (right click on it) add to the toolbar the remove dvd button

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