Dvd Hunter 0.3.5

Added the Autocomplete function!!

Now you can complete your movie data using the Amazon Web Services fetching them by Title, Director and Upc. 

You can download the new versione here.


~ by Joel Ares on 12 February 08.

13 Responses to “Dvd Hunter 0.3.5”

  1. When is the Tiger OSX version ready?

  2. hi JAres, great work. Two questions:
    1. Is it possible to feetch the cover? It doesn’t work for me. I also can’t put cover from my hd. It appearing but it’s not saved.
    2. Do you plan to add imdb.com as a fetching database?

  3. – For tiger version i’m not sure, i’ve got more then 700 error to compile it for tiger :(…
    – if i found how to query imdb yes i’ll add it as a fetch database
    – i’ve tested it and the cover is fetched, but not all movie have it. What do you mean that you can’t put cover form your hd? The program, if you drop the image in the cover field, should copy it in “/Your home/Application Support/Dvd_Hunter/Images/” with a strage name (the code of the book).

  4. I’ve tried with fight club and 12 monkeys. program fetched the data from amazon, fetched also dvd cover but did not saved it in collection entry. I’ve downloaded the cover to my hard drive, draged it on the entry, it showed up but didn’t save it and show like on the screenshots.

  5. lol very strange… it seems that the program can’t write the file. The other database information are correctly saved? Can you check if you can write i file in the folder:“/[Your home]/Application Support/Dvd_Hunter/Images/ perhaps is a permission problem

  6. the Images directory didn’t exist. I’ve created it but still no luck.
    Here is what I do: I’m adding new dvd, put the title, hit enter, hit autocomplete. program fetching the data, show it in fetch window. I see the cover and other data. I hit save and the data are saved but the cover isn’t 😦
    Is there any log I can fallow?

  7. another question 🙂 can we request features?

  8. The function to save the cover doesn’t write any log :/… I can compile a modified version to have them so we can understood why the covers aren’t saved and the folder is not created.
    Yes you can request features ^^.

  9. You can download the version with abilited log http://www.webalice.it/j.ares/DvdHunterWithLog.zip. To test it remove the Images directory you’ve created manually (before opening “Dvd Hunter”). Add a dvd and drop an image on the film cover; then open the system log and watch the last lines, post them ihere please ^^. Thanks

  10. great! I’ll test it today.
    About the new features: it would be great if you will add new field for every dvd: Id, or number (with sort option). It will make easy to find a dvd if you have numbered them, like I do 🙂

  11. ok. here’s the situation. add new dvd, fetch data, still the cover is not shown in dvd entry (is is shown in fetching window). the log says:
    Dvd Hunter[1125]: Beginnig image creation for film with id: EED6C595-8170-41EE-825A-B8E74FCBBEBF
    Dvd Hunter[1125]: No error while creating the directory /Users/joker/Library/Application Support/Dvd_hunter/Images\n for film with id:EED6C595-8170-41EE-825A-B8E74FCBBEBF

    I’ve noticed that there are two folders ind App Support: Dvd_Hunter with xml file, and the Dvd_hunter with image file (the folder image was created):
    # ls Dvd_hunter/Images/

  12. ok that was the problem. I’ve linked Dvd_hunter to Dvd_Hunter and now everything is in the same one folder and just works 🙂
    thank’s for your help. waiting for the Id feature :).
    I can be your “beta tester” 🙂

  13. Thanks you found a bug ^^. I never saw that i wrote Dvd_hunter in coverImage… and not Dvd_Hunter *_*… i’ve the hard disk formatted with hfs+ (case insensitive) so i never see the bug). I’ll release a corrected version of dvd hunter in a few minutes ^^… I think you’ll have to move the images folder from Dvd_hunter to Dvd_Hunter and will work correctly. Sorry for the bug :(, i’ll not create an automatic copy function from Dvd_hunter to Dvd_Hunter becauase i can’t test it with case insensitive formatted hd… and only the version you downloaded yesterday create the folder Dvd_hunter (i used a different function to have an error return and the new function also create the missing folder)

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