Dvd Hunter – 0.3.8

Minor bug fixes release.
– corrected a bug that prevent Dvd Hunter from loading additional installed plug-ins
– added Amazon Uk and JP plug-in
– corrected bug in import function that corrupt lending and reviews data imported
– corrected a bug in export plugin, the trailer url wasn’t exported

You can download the new version here

I’m sorry i’ve seen now that the link for downloading the 0.3.7 version were broken.


~ by Joel Ares on 1 March 08.

6 Responses to “Dvd Hunter – 0.3.8”

  1. I have been waiting for this application for a long time. I have entered my catalogue, about 400 dvds. But today the application is not responding, not opening. What do I need to do to fix this?
    You may expect more suggestions from me soon.
    Thank you for developing dvd hunter.

  2. I’ve got no idea why the application not load… can you try to remove the preferences of application (not the database) you can find it in [your home]/Library/Preferences/org.JAres.Dvd Hunter.plist . I’ll try to reproduce to bug, if possible to understood why it freeze.

  3. I really like your software. I have entered over 500 movies. However the problem I have is that I can only see the title on my list of entries. The other details do not show up across the top as you show in your screen shot. How do I add the other information across the top like we have in iTunes? I want to be able to sort by location as well as title. I have searched your software and can not find an option where I can add additional columns across the top.

  4. Too add additional details you need to right click the header of column on the table. You can add all the details that you want to see.

  5. will this run on Win Xp home?

  6. No sorry it runs only on mac

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