Dvd Hunter – 0.4.2

– while adding a new dvd now you can chose to not set its aquired date (you can disable it in preferences)
– now the media combo box load also the data added by the user
– you can enabled the backup each time you save (you can enable it in pref)
– corrected a smartlist bug: now the “doesn’t not contain” fetch properly the movies

You can download the new version here


~ by Joel Ares on 16 March 08.

2 Responses to “Dvd Hunter – 0.4.2”

  1. I’d like to export at least the DVD titles to my iPod/iPhone (so when I’m at the store I know whether I have a particular DVD or not). I’ve installed iPod plug-in, but don’t understand how it works…

  2. you need to select the films that you want to export, than click in the export menu on ipod exporter.
    The exporter will create a folder with a series of text files (the name of the file is the title of the film, and the txt file contains the summary of the film).
    I have only a 3g ipod, so to put the list on it i need on to copy the files in the notes (by dragging them) i don’t know how it works on new the new ipod.

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