Dvd Hunter – (Tiger 0.3.5)

-corrected a bug while import, now the imported movies are corrected displayed
– autosave after an import and autocomplete(you can disable autosave in pref)
– inserted token fields to easily support multiple values
– ibs plug-in: now the producer in no more followed by “,year”
– corrected a bug in amazon plug-in that may block upc search

You can download the new version for tiger here


~ by Joel Ares on 12 April 08.

5 Responses to “Dvd Hunter – (Tiger 0.3.5)”

  1. When you right click on a list to change its name it says “Remane List”…the “m” and the “n” are switched.

  2. I didn’t see a “wishlist” area so I’ll post here. (By the way, fantastic program!!)

    – add IMDB to list of Auto Complete search providers
    – add export to HTML, CSV, and XML
    – make the Main Info Window (the preview pane area) customizable…(note: I did read somewhere that it was but the for the life of me I can’t find out how)
    – make a place to link to movies on the hard drive to play (not just trailers but the actual movies)

    Like I said, great program and I realize this is a pre v1 release, but thought I’d detail some of the things that I either see in other programs or wish this one could do.

  3. Thanks for suggestions. i’ll try to insert them in the next program release.

  4. im going to second Brian’s thoughts and wishes for things such as CSV export and the ability to link to specific files on the computer, seeing as I now have some Digital Copy DVD’s that I bought and now wish to inventory them. Thanks!

  5. The link to files, and urls will be available in the next release. (0.6.x for leopard).
    You can found the xml exporter in the plug-in page.

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