Dvd Hunter – (Tiger 0.3.6)

– corrected a bug in plug-in manager: updating a plug-in was impossible 
– bug corrected: memory leakage while watching a trailer
– now the smart list can fetch also by starring actors
– bug corrected: the application was very slow to quit, if a smart was selected upon exit
– recompiled all plug-in with a few memory management optimization   

You can download the new version here 


~ by Joel Ares on 18 April 08.

One Response to “Dvd Hunter – (Tiger 0.3.6)”

  1. In the Preferences / Default Values window:

    – last sentence should have “creating” instead of “create”

    In the Preferences / Date Formatter Window:

    – %m description is indented one space too many
    – %e description has “month” spelled wrong

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