Dvd Hunter – (Tiger 0.5.0)

– graphic glitch: changed pop-up button 

– now the template of web view is personalizable (read here how to change it)

– DB modification: now you can create links from movies to files and sites

– changed the trailer management to be more flexible and support link 

You can download the new version here


~ by Joel Ares on 1 May 08.

5 Responses to “Dvd Hunter – (Tiger 0.5.0)”

  1. Not sure where to provide feedback, hope this works.

    This is awesome, thanks for making such a simple-to-use app for managing my movie library!

    One thing I’ve noticed about searching for info when adding a new DVD – I’m using the UPC number to look up info, and after typing the number I have to hit Return or tab to another field for it to use the value I’ve just typed when I click the autocomplete button.

    Thanks again!


  2. Thanks ^^.

    I know that for auto-completing you need to hit return, because the program doesn’t process changes until the enter return.

  3. Love the program. Thanks for making it. How difficult would it be to include a “Print” function so one could print off a list of films?

  4. I didn’t work on a print function yet. There is however a pdf printing plug-in you can found it in the “Additional Plug-ins” page https://jaresmac.wordpress.com/additional-plug-ins/

  5. Thanks!

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