Sorting Options

You can in preferences specify word to ignore while sorting. Some note on thsi new feature:

– the comparison is case insensitive

– the word you write is exactly the part of title ignored while sorting. An example a film called “The Prestige”, you want to ignored the. If you write in the preferences “the”, the title used while sorting will be ” Prestige”, which is incorrect. You need to write “the ” so the title used for sorting will be “Prestige”.

Why i’ve decided to let the user edit the word list? 

Simply because each language has article and prefixes to ignore, i can’t wrote them all in the program code. Ignoring only the english articles, could be easily done by code, but i think it’s quite restrictive. For example i need the italian, english and french articles to properly sort my movie collection.


~ by Joel Ares on 7 June 08.

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