Important Development Question

I’m working on the next version of the programs (0.7.0 ^^)

The features will be revealed soon =p

I’m working on the modification to database structure to make the softwares more use-full. I’m planning to remove the reviews part (i never used it, still unsure why i’ve inserted it) and replacing it with a single rating field. So it will be possible to sort games and movies by rating, and also get only the 5 stars items.

The question is: do you think that reviews are use-full? And i shouldn’t remove them? Or you agree with me and find them useless?

Please Vote in comments ^^



~ by Joel Ares on 26 June 08.

2 Responses to “Important Development Question”

  1. I never use reviews neither, and I think a rating system would indeed be more useful…

  2. mattintheweb thanks for the vote 🙂
    i will proceed in database modification … hopefully the 0.7.0 patch will be available this weekend

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