0.7.0 Update Notes


This update include some code by third party developer, i’ve got thanks all of them for releasing this code, that same me a lot of works:

– Includes “Quick Look preview as an NSImage” code by Matt Gemmell. (used in the links, to get the preview instead of icon)

– Includes “Quick Look Apis” code by Ciarán Walsh (used for the quicklook integration :))

– Includes “iLifeControls” code by Sean O’Brien (used for the beautiful hud control and button)

Quick Look Integration

This new features offer a lot of advantages, now you can display the preview of all files, not only movie. And for movie now in full screen you can control the movie (the old version doesn’t had any control in preview). You will also obtain the same zoom effect that you have on the finder.

There is a limitation, i’m thinking how to solve it. You can’t with quicklook display online files, now to display online trailer you need to open them in browser by double clicking on it.

Next Development

I’m sorry but i’ll not continue the development for tiger, i’ll not expand features of Dvd Hunter for Tiger but only correct bugs and implementing some small additional functions. However i’ll try to create the future plug-in tiger compatible. 

As you can imagine a lot of code between Dvd Hunter and Game HUnter is in common, but actually the whole code is duplicated… That cause a lot of problem while updating, i need to write the changes twice. I want now to move all the common code in a framework, this will reduce the upgrades problems and also permit, in teh future, to expand easily the Hunter Suite with the missing book and cd cataloguing software (expanding the suite is a future project now i don’t have the time to maintain additional software).

Hunter Suite Plug-In SDK

I’ve completed a framework to develop easily plug-in for the suite, the framework works on tiger too, but now the documentation is totally missing, so the sdk it’s quite useless… As soon as i finish the documentation i’ll publish the sdk with sample plug-ins.

Game Hunter Version Jump

Game Hunter and Dvd Hunter  have alot of common code, they have the same features and bugs, and will evolve in parallel with the framework, so I decided to jump from 0.4 to 0.7.


~ by Joel Ares on 6 July 08.

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