Hunter Suite – 0.7.3

Updated versions:

Dvd Hunter

Game Hunter

Patch Changes

– Amazon plug-ins corrected a bug when importing multiple languages

– corrected a lot of minor bugs

– updated the plug-ins interface to support the new plug-ins

Almost all the common code had been moved to the framework, now the development of new features on both game and dvd hunter will be faster and hopefully with less bugs.

I’ve already removed almost all ilifecontrols framework. Only used for the check box so that have the new ‘iTunes look’ instead of the standard ‘aqua look’

Inserted a new framework for the HUD Controls BDHUDAppKit. This framework offer a lot more possibility than the old hud framework. The controls are completely created by code, so they’re resolution independent. This framework also include hud tables and outlines, so i’ll change the style of all the utility windows (quicklook links, groups management and plug-ins management) to hud style, so they’ll not cover the main window.


The preferences have been moved. You can delete the old preferences files fin ‘~/Library/Preferences’ all the new pref files now begin with “org.JAres.Hunter Suite….”, you can delete the older versions saved as “org.JAres.Dvd Hunter….” and “org.JAres.Game Hunter….”. I’ve decied to move them for rationalization f the suite, and also because some parameters could cause conflict with the old version.


The IMDB toolbar button has been removed. You can open IMDB from the ‘Advanced’ Menu, or by right click in the main table.


~ by Joel Ares on 1 August 08.

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