Dvd Hunter Tiger – 0.6.4

– now hitting cmd+return key in info window launch the autocomplete, this should make the software easier to use

– enabled the menu item to create ‘New Movie’, now with keyboard shortcut Cmd+N

– changed the keyboards commands of ‘New List’ and ‘New List from selection’

– Amazon plug-ins now correctly separate languages from subtitles.

– Update all autocomplete plug-ins to search correctly items with diacritics and accents

– hitting return key while the list view is selected will cause to rename the selected list

– enabled cmd+alt+ left/right arrow for moving to previous next movie when in info window

– launching the autocomplete now properly applies changes before autocompleting

– enabled the editing of ‘Personal Rating’ in info window


You can download the new version here


~ by Joel Ares on 13 August 08.

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