Game Hunter – 0.7.4

– now hitting cmd+return key in info window launch the autocomplete, this should make the software easier to use

– enabled the menu item to create ‘New Game, now with keyboard shortcut Cmd+N

– changed the keyboards commands of ‘New List’ and ‘New List from selection’

– Update all autocomplete plug-ins to search correctly items with diacritics and accents

– Utilities window now use Hud Style to not cover completely the other windows

– pressing ‘escape’ while using quick look now correctly close also the QL Preview, and not only the sheet

– enabled internal warning: if you enable it in preferences, Game Hunter at startup warn you about all the games release from the last time you open the software.

– hitting return key while the list view is selected will cause to rename the selected list

– enabled cmd+alt+ left/right arrow for moving to previous next movie when in info window

– launching the autocomplete now properly applies changes before autocompleting


You can download the new version Here


~ by Joel Ares on 13 August 08.

2 Responses to “Game Hunter – 0.7.4”

  1. Fantastic software, are using it together with DVD Hunter and Books, but I am missing a program to organize my music collection. Are there coming any similar software in the near future, or do you have any recommendations?

  2. In the near future no, i’m not yet planning to expand the suite with the missing software. I’m sorry but i can’t recommend any software, because i haven’t tried yet to catalog my music collection :p

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