Lack of Development

I’m sorry for the lack of development the last weeks. I’ve got a lot a work to finish BSC and inscription to the master’s degree. As soon as i got more free time i’ll continue working on the hunter suite.



~ by Joel Ares on 5 September 08.

6 Responses to “Lack of Development”

  1. Hi,

    Is there any chance you will add support for custom search plugins ? I’m quite interessed in creating an imdb plugin for DVD Hunter! Atm I’m still learning Cocoa/ObjC (in my free time) but it’s going quite well.

    I found DVDPedia’s source code for their imdb plugin, so this will be easier to understand how it works to get the info from imdb!

    If you’re interessed in this, you can contact my at my mail address (I guess you’ll see it)

  2. Ok, my bad, I saw your SDK too late! I’ll take a look into that and you’ll hear from me when I’m busy/finished with this plugin!

  3. Don’t worry. Tell me if you have any problem with the sdk.

  4. Did not start with this yet (haven’t got much time right now) annyway, if you’re interessed in this, the source is right here:

    The dificulty with Imdb is that you have to scrape the page to get results (instead of being able to contact the db directly)

    Annyway, I’ll seen when I get into this!

  5. Thanks for the link.. i’ll check it as soon as i can 🙂

  6. I’ve installed DVD hunter and Book hunter today and i must say that I’m impressed. I really love both programs. I already uploaded my complete DVD-collecton and it gives a nice overview. Superb!!!! Thanks a lot. I’m looking forward to CD Hunter ; )


    (The Netherlands)

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