Dvd Hunter – 0.7.5

– enabled keyboard shortcut: command + return to save results while autocompleting
– bug: copy-paste in token fields now works correctly
– pressing alt+command+f in the main window enable the search field
– corrected german localization
– bug: possible conflict if installing plug-ins at the same time with Dvd Hunter & Game Hunter
– corrected tab navigation in te main window
– updated ibs plug-in: now works again
– introduced colored text in movie’s table: now borrowed movies appear in red and wishlist movies in gray. (You can disable it in preferences)

You can download the new version here


~ by Joel Ares on 23 September 08.

4 Responses to “Dvd Hunter – 0.7.5”

  1. I tried DVD Hunter and I’m very happy with the software, especially with the autocomplete functionality.
    However, I have two questions:
    – would it be possible to import data from other source (in form of CSV or TXT file, for example)? I have most of my media already catalogued as the spreadsheet file
    – how easy/ hard is it to add the new internet source for autocomplete?
    Keep up the good work, please answer! 🙂

  2. Hi Thanks 🙂
    – you can import csv files, but you need to install a plug-in you can find it http://software.joelares.net/blog/?page_id=73
    – it’s depend on the internet source, for example amazon is really easy because they provide an api to query their server; ibs it’s more difficult because you need to parse the html. If you want to try creating a new source for update you need to create a plug-in for Dvd HUnter, i’ve prepared an sdk to make that easier (http://software.joelares.net/HSSDK/). If you have any question or suggestion or ideas write me 🙂

  3. i have had to reinstall my osx on my apple macmini 80 gb 10.6.8 with snow leopard,i have got an external drive(cyclone) for my backups including time machine backup,i asked you before what the backup file is called and you told me “~/Library/Application Support/Dvd_Hunter”. i have found the files by using find any file,but i do not know how to import them,could you please tell me how to import the files or i am facing another 3 days entering thenm again.
    thank you.

    • Hi

      You need to copy the DVD_Hunter from you old computer to the same location in the new one. DVD Hunter will read data from you old file.

      What version of DVD Hunter you’ve got before reinstalling?

      Greetings Jol

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