Game Hunter – 0.8.0

– bug: fixed a bug in smart preventing from fetching movie using “Personal Rating”
– bug: while updating a movie using in an import the cover wasn’t updated correctly
– bug: fixed a smart list problem while fetching using dates
– bug: while importing a movie all the files of the movie sometime were duplicated
– new: introduced “Date Modified” in movies, so it’s easier to keep synchronized 2 mac
– new: you can now chose what fields display in the movie preview
– new: you can display additional fields too in the Movie Table
– new: you can increase font size in the tables
– new: modified default values management for the movie, now it’s much more flexible
– new: it’s possible to chose what autocapitalization apply to the suggestions of the movie
– new: enabled “IsInWhislist” in import-export (so when you import movie it another computer you’ll get them correctly placed or removed from wishlist)
– optimized the code executed each time a movie is updated
– inserted the first version of the help for Game Hunter

You can download the new version here


~ by Joel Ares on 10 December 08.

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