Additional Plug-Ins

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This is a summary of the plug-ins available for Dvd Hunter and Game Hunter

You can install them using the plug-in manager (will be automatically installed); or download the file and extract it in:

for Dvd Hunter:~/Library/Application Support/Dvd_Hunter/Plug-Ins

for Dvd Hunter (on Tiger):~/Library/Application Support/Dvd_Hunter_Tiger/Plug-Ins

for Game Hunter:~/Library/Application Support/Game_Hunter/Plug-Ins.

Near the name specified what program the plug-in support.(DH= Dvd Hunter, DHT = Dvd Hunter for Tiger, GH = Game Hunter)

Export Plug-ins:

iPod Exporter (version 1.2.1 DH, GH, DHT)

Creates files to have your movies and games list in your ipod.

PDF Exporter (version 1.3.2 DH, GH)

Creates a PDF file with the informations of your films or games

– PDF Exporter (for Tiger version 1.3.1 DHT)

Creates a PDF file with the informations of your films

XML Exporter (version 1.1.1 DH, GH)

Creates an Xml file with the data of your movie and game collection


Import Plug-ins:

CSV Importer (version 1.2.3 DH, GH, DHT)

Imports the csv file in dvd hunter and game hunter.


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