Dvd Hunter 0.3.6

– Corrected a bug with HFS+ (case sensitive) that prevent Dvd Hunter to save the cover images
You can download the new version here  

~ by Joel Ares on 16 February 08.

5 Responses to “Dvd Hunter 0.3.6”

  1. In the menu there are 2 new items (Import, Export); they’re still under construction so you will not see any possible import-export.

  2. hi JAres, thx for the fix. still waiting for the ID field 🙂
    what are your plans about import/export?

  3. I’m working on a plug-ins interface for the import-export, and modifying the interface for the autocomplete. So that anyone if he’d like can create is own plug-in for dvd hunter.

  4. Hey there

    Cool website,

    I also have a DVD website. It pretty much covers all the DVD categories.

    Check it out if you have time.

  5. I wanted to make a suggestion to maybe add music and or video games to the DVD Hunter i know it wouldn’t be called DVD hunter anymore but you can rename it. Thanks for the work so far I look forward to any updates

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